A frozen dessert that doesn't need the freezer.
Less energy for freezing, more energy for eating
Most frozen desserts need to be stored at freezing temperatures in the factory, on the truck, and then at the grocery store.
Because we dry our ingredients, we don’t need that kind of cold supply chain. Freezing only happens at the moment you want to enjoy your frozen yogurt, and so less energy gets used. Now that’s cool.
Let's recycle
Designed to be recycled
100% Aluminum Bowl

Rinse before recycling the metal bowl

Our Wim-Bowl can be recycled indefinitely, like a soda can. And recycling one bowl saves enough energy to run a television for three hours! That’s three Law & Orders!
No. 5 Plastic Mixer

Rinse before recycling the plastic mixer

The mixer that blends your yogurt is made of the same plastic as straws or ketchup bottles, and you can recycle it to give it a new life as a broom, bike rack, or bottle.
Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Recycle with other paper

We use cardboard instead of plastic in our packaging whenever possible -- and the boxes we use don’t contribute to deforestation. (Because who wants a treat without the trees?)