It’s simple. We probably don’t even need to explain it.
But we’ll try anyway. Wim makes fresh bowls of frozen yogurt at home. Simply add milk to a Wim-Bowl, pop it in your Wim appliance, and ten minutes later, you’ve got a delicious homemade treat.
It’s made fresher when it’s made at home.
Good Ol' Home Cooking Freezing
Pretty much everything tastes better when it’s fresh -- and frozen yogurt is no exception. Wim makes each bowl of yogurt right in front of you, not hundreds of miles away. It’s kind of like you have a cool pastry chef in your house. Kind of.
We were inspired by the treats you only eat at home: like milk and cookies after a long day or a spoonful of brownie batter from the mixing bowl. And we know you’ll have fun revisiting them all in frozen yogurt form.
(V) = Dairy free. When made with non-dairy milk, these flavors are a perfect vegan treat.

We made Wim to celebrate the choice to stay in tonight. Whether you’re having a living room dance party or lighting an aromatherapy candle and meditating, home is the place you can be yourself. And we think yourself is pretty great.

So here’s another, fun reason to love staying in:

Homemade frozen yogurt. Enjoy.